The High Line, New York (2023)

Harvard University (2023)

Berghain For CTM Festival (2023)

KW Institute For Contemporary Art (2023)

Sub-bass Soundtrack for Maikon.K (2023)

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop( 2023)

Infrasonic Sountrack for Animate (2022)

1964-1985 (2019)

Sound design for The Experimental Buthô Group (2018)

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga(2015-2016)

Sound design done for the show 'Até a Lembrança do Cachorro do Vizinho Ainda Vive no Meu Corpo' by the Núcleo Experimental de Butô


São Paulo, Santo André, Jundiaí, Brazil

Inspired by ''Kaze Daruma'' last speech of Tatsumi Hijikata - founder of Ankoku Butō -, six bodies explore the main poetic matrices present in this manifest text; mud, contagion, memory of the flash, the dead and death. The show it's focused to what they have in common: the earth, uterus-tomb that devours the bodies, becoming the reservoir of their memories and then dispose them as nutrients that will generate other bodies. Memories never lost, but in a constant process of transmutation of elements, which either combine and thicken, either dilute and silence, but never disappear.

The research investigated the landscapes and ethical propositions of the text, from which emerged sensations, actions and beings that were structured and provoked each other: the encounter of those forces and their paths in the body result in the present work that oscillates between the constant metamorphosis and the will of existing while flesh.

  • Directing and Dramaturgy: Thiago Abel
  • Corporal Preparation: Juliana Pedroso
  • Cast: Igor Costa, Juliana Pedroso, Nubia Abe, Padu Cecconello, Sofia Scharff, Thiago Abel
  • Provocation: Mônica Cristina Bernardes e Rodrigo Putarov
  • Graphic Art: Núbia Abe
  • Costume: Padu Cecconello
  • Lighting Design: Juliana Morimoto e Mônica Cristina Bernardes
  • Sound design: Stefanie Egedy