Berghain For CTM Festival

Harvard University

Sub-bass Soundtrack for Maikon.K

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop

KW Institute For Contemporary Art

Infrasonic Sountrack for Animate


Sound design done for the show 'Até a Lembrança do Cachorro do Vizinho Ainda Vive no Meu Corpo' by the Núcleo Experimental de Butô

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga

Harvard University

11th-13th of May 2023 

Cambridge, USA

I went to Harvard University to create and present a site-specific low frequency sound (LFS) and subwoofer sonic installation. Part of my BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.) series, which investigates the possible connections between LFS, human & architectural bodies, and subwoofers.

Participating in the interdisciplinary conference 'Instruments, Interfaces, Infrastructures: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Musical Media' courtesy of



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