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Works and lives in São Paulo.

Stefanie's field of action is the sound territory. Her moto is the sub-bass and bass sounds, whose capacity of making itself present in the space and of interacting with the medium is of her greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, she operates in the interaction between the sonorous and musical language in the communication between beings.
In her works, she uses field recordings, electronic and daily material sounds. Alongside Simon Fernandes she does the label Coisas que Matam, is part of the artist run space Dahaus, acts as a DJ, has a residency at Obra party and researches with Camille Laurent the relations between light and sound.

She has developed and presented projects in various cities from Brazil and abroad, including Berlin, Lisbon and Buenos Aires. Her works have been presented in places such as Museu de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som, Spektrum -Berlim, the Mamba Negra party and in the Rio de Janeiro New Music Festival Novas Frequências. In 2017 she was part of the 13th Artistic Residence of Red Bull Station - São Paulo. She is graduated in Public Management by Fundação Getúlio Vargas and will finish her degree in philosophy in 2019. Her research “The experience of Acceleration and the Desertified Time”, oriented by the Prof. Dr. Jonnefer Barbosa, was awarded as one of the best works of scientific initiation of 2018.

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instagram: @stefanie_egedy