Berghain For CTM Festival

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop

KW Institute For Contemporary Art


Sound design done for the show 'Até a Lembrança do Cachorro do Vizinho Ainda Vive no Meu Corpo' by the Núcleo Experimental de Butô

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop for CTM Festival

February 2023
At Morphine Raum

This wokshop is meant to provide an introduction to properties of low frequency sound, subwoofer arrangements, and how to listen with your body. It will be held using the SL-SUB subwoofer. The session begins with an introduction to the concept of sound, before delving into specifics of low frequency sound waves, and their behaviour and properties.

The discussion will continue with an introduction to subwoofers, with examples of classical arrangements, and how to optimize your home setup and event setups. At the end, Egedy will lead an experiential exercise of listening with your body – perceiving low range sounds.


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