Commissioned Works

The High Line, New York (2023)

Harvard University (2023)

Berghain For CTM Festival (2023)

KW Institute For Contemporary Art (2023)

Sub-bass Soundtrack for Maikon.K (2023)

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop( 2023)

Infrasonic Sountrack for Animate (2022)

1964-1985 (2019)

Sound design for The Experimental Buthô Group (2018)

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga(2015-2016)

Berghain for CTM Festival

December 2022- January 2023 / Show day January 31st

Berlin, Germany

The 30 minute piece '' A Sub-Bass Dose Live'' was commissioned for the CTM 2023 festival. Composed for 30hz to 56hz taking into consideration the particularities and interrelationships of the sound system in the main floor, the room's acoustics and the effects of low frequencies on the human body.
The technique used was live sound synthesis.

More information here and here.