Berghain For CTM Festival

Harvard University

Sub-bass Soundtrack for Maikon.K

Low-Frequency Sound Workshop

KW Institute For Contemporary Art

Infrasonic Sountrack for Animate


Sound design done for the show 'Até a Lembrança do Cachorro do Vizinho Ainda Vive no Meu Corpo' by the Núcleo Experimental de Butô

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga

Coletivo PAY Picanha After Yoga

In residency at Casa das Caldeiras 2015-2016

São Paulo, Brazil

From 2015-2016, Stefanie was the sound designer for the PAY PICANHA AFTER YOGA Collective. Formed in 2015, it integrated the languages of dance and performance in research that also makes use of visual arts such as video and photography. Formed by creative dancers or, as they define themselves, space poets, PAY works in their respective work with the poem UMA FACA SÓ LAMINA, by João Cabral de Melo Neto.