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Stefanie Live at Zentrale

Blinding Clarity EP (DARQ DISTRO)

Live for Novas Frequências Radio Show

Conversations About Language

Falha Comum - Rio de Janeiro New Music Festival Novas Frequências

A Palavra do Outro - Museu de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires

Agir Nervoso EP (GOWPE)

VA Fazedores de Som 13° Vol



Giros - Delírio Records - Volume II


Anedota Social
Live for Novas Frequências Radio Show

August 2019

"For some time now I've been conducting tests using bass and different sound processing. My interest rests in the sounds that are produced through this interaction. Very few sounds here are present whose origin is external to the sub-bass and bass sounds. With the combination of a Vermona MKII Performer and an Octatrack MKII, I managed those combinations, which also suffered a lot of interference from the Octatrack LFO's."