A Palavra do Outro - Museu de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires

Presented live at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires 10.05.2018

In the sound performance A PALAVRA DO OUTRO, Stefanie Egedy uses as the main material field recordings of her conversations with strangers approached in the street, that didn't know that they were being recorded. To start those conversations, the artist developed a series of strategies of how to approach those people that could work in this given context of action. Yet in some cases she couldn't develop a conversation. In those talks, she investigates, through the other's speech themes such as: God, the meaning of life and the reactionary political tendency in Brazil. A conversation can be an exercise of building a meaning through the word. In this practice lies the task of trying to understand the other, the self and things via the negotiation of truths.

In such negotiation, one deals with the plasticity of truth, this is assumed and worked in the act of reorganization and redesign of the words, which brings another meaning to the conversation, but which still refers to the original. Filled with the truths of the speaker, words bring with them a meaning beyond themselves that are often hidden from the hearer. Thus, the work, oscillating between understanding and confusion, presents the conversations, sometimes distorted and in dialogue with low-frequency sound waves and other electronic sound textures.