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Camille Laurent e Stefanie Egedy



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Camille Laurent e Stefanie Egedy

Since 2016

Together since 2016, the artists Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy investigate the suspension,even if momentarily, of the physical and mental control through the spatialization of light and sound. With this intent, they create installations and performances that explore the use of light and sound movements.In 2018, after a season at Sesc Ipiranga, they presented in Berlin the performance''Corporal Mechanism'', beside participating in the Pannel: "Perspectives on Medientheater''at Humboldt -Universität zu Berlin. After Berlin, the duo presented their work at the occupation SP_Urban at the Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museum of Image and Sound) from São Paulo.In 2017 they participated in the 13° Art Residency from Red Bull Station in São Paulo with curatorship by Fernando Velasquez.Both are part of the artist run space DAHAUS SP.